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RP 428-22 Public FCD now open!

Do you want to contribute towards Digital Cinema Standards in SMPTE ? The latest Public CD is now ready for review via 21DC TC.

Public CD allows for public feedback and commenting on a document via the GitHub workflows and issue tracker, so that we can improve documents prior to continuing the work to publish a finalized document, within the SMPTE standard due process structure. For this specific document, the details are outlined below.


Throughout the timeline of a D-Cinema composition, there can be periods where no Timed Text is present due to the editorial nature of the content and how a scene is being portrayed. For example, a scene that encompasses a long establishing shot with localised on-screen text. Localization best practices result in these localised instances being delivered as their own unique reel. Other examples may be an “insert” replacement shot, or a Rating and/or “Thank You” card at the start of a feature presentation.

D-Cinema manufacturing best practices, as defined in SMPTE RDD 52 – SMPTE Application Bv2.1, stipulates that should a D-Cinema track file be present for one reel, said tracks shall be present across all reels that comprise the composition, including Timed Text.

RP 428-22 specifies the best practice to adhere to when creating a D-Cinema XML file with no textual or image data that would cover the reels where no Timed Text data is present (effectively a “blank” Timed Text reel), ensuring compliance with the correct interpretation of ST 429-2 D-Cinema Operational Constraints. This is a practice which has not been previously disclosed to the industry outside of premier D-Cinema manufacturing vendors.

We strongly encourage you all to review the document and submit issues/comments as needed. Also, please circulate this information to your internal circles, public circles, and social networks, as we’d love to get as many eyes on this as possible prior to publication.


The following SMPTE document is now available for public review via the SMPTE GitHub account.

SMPTE RP 428-22 D-Cinema Distribution Master Minimal Timed Text XML Requirements

Public review period ending no earlier than Feb 1, 2022, and no later than June 1, 2022

They can be accessed through the SMPTE website public CD webpage as well.

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