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Introduction to IMF

An entry-level IMF tutorial series targeting people who want to get a basic understanding of the format. No previous experience necessary


Advanced IMF

In this course, you will be guided through working with Client Delivery Specifications and how to construct IMF Applications, get to grips with Timed Text best practices within IMSC, in-depth analysis of the MXF format and understand how essence is mapped, be provided a breakdown of Multi-Channel Audio (MCA), get to grips with advanced versioning concepts and gain an understanding of IMF Plug-Ins.


IMF Manufacturing

Manufacturing tutorials focused on catering to current IMF delivery requirements for major studio and platform based clients. Transferable to all current recognised application platforms used by all major servicing vendors operating in the market.

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Understanding the SMPTE DCP 

If you are a professional in media production, distribution, or mastering, you need to know how to use the SMPTE Digital Cinema Package (DCP) to enable innovation, automation, and cost savings for your company. This course focuses on the benefits and practical considerations of using DCPs in mastering and distribution.

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